At Perth Hoverboards, we do the best we can in providing highly superior products to our clients. If you experience any issue at any point of time with the product, please leaf through a few of the trouble shooting tips enumerated below. 

My board is vibrating, spinning or remains unbalanced when I ride on it? Why is it so?

Vibration of the hoverboard should not occur in normal circumstances; if it does happen then it is likely while you are in the ‘expert’ or ‘intermediate’ mode.  This mode is highly sensitive and any excess application of pressure can lead to the vibrating of the hoverboard and hence, it is necessary to correctly place your feet on the pressure pads. You can otherwise practice for a while in the ‘beginner’ mode to get a proper feel of the pressure required; bending your knees a bit will also help in regulating the pressure well. 

trouble shooting

How do I identify if my hoverboard has any charging issues?

There is a tiny indicator light on the charger that shows the charge status of your hoverboard. The charger light has to be green when it is plugged into the wall power socket. On attaching it to your hoverboard a red light is turned on to the hoverboard battery. This indicates that your hoverboard is getting charged. The red light turns green when the charge is fully complete. The charging takes about a couple of hours to be completed.   

I am distracted by the nonstop flashing of red lights and beeping of my hoverboard? What is to be done?

Both the issues relate to the unforeseen and hasty dismounting from your hoverboard. It could be from either losing your balance or leaping off from the hoverboard. This action disturbs the hoverboard sensors and leads to the nonstop flashing of lights and beeping. The best way to sort this out is by resetting your hoverboard.

Our hoverboards have been conceived with consumer safety uppermost in mind.  Another reason for the constant beeping sound can be the triggering of the speed alarm. The speed alarm set in place beeps consistently if speed limits exceed 10 kmph. The solution in this context is to slow down a bit, ensure that the beeping stops and then maintain that speed. 

Still Facing Any Issues?

If you are still facing problems with your hoverboard, please, there is no cause for worry. Click on the box on the right and present a ticket from our contact us page and we will strive to resolve your problem asap.

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