Top Ten Fun Hoverboard Scooter Tricks you can try

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Top Ten Fun Hoverboard Scooter Tricks you can try

Now that you have bought your hoverboard, you must be eager to pick up some tricks. Here are 10 of the most exciting tricks that you can try on your self balancing scooter. Before you start emulating these tricks we advise you to always wear your helmet and arm/knee pads so that you don’t hurt yourself if you take a spill. 

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This happens to be one of the niftiest tricks in the hoverboard trick book. Use your agility to shift your weight instantaneously while you strive to maintain your balance on the hoverboard. The trick is to shift forward and backwards in the blink of an eye. Also keep your knees bent while you execute this trick. 

2. 180-degree turn

For you to master this trick, practice turning on your hoverboard starting from a standing position. Transfer your weight into one foot while you push forward with the same foot. During this trick the opposite foot will need to be shifted a little backwards. If you can do these things successfully, the hoverboard is going to turn a full 180 degree. 

3. 360 degree turn

This trick is an advancement of the 180 degree turn. The steps for doing the 360 degree turn are also the same. Here, in this trick, you will need to turn around for a full 360 degrees. You will start from and end the trick while facing the same direction. This turn involves a complete about face.

4. Lean Back Turn

Take your hoverboard and start a normal 360 degree turn. In addition to this, you need to bend the leg that is on the inner side of the turn and consequently press that leg towards the outer side. This will ensure that you are actually leaning into the spin, Voila, you have mastered the Lean Back Turn.

5. Hoverboard Swivel

You can do this trick while you are moving either backward or forwards. Imitate a figure 8 motion as you shift your weight from one side to the next. If you do this correctly, you will feel as if the board is turning, but it will depend on you shifting your weight before the turn. 

6. Celebrity Style

You must have seen celebrities showing their nifty moves on a hoverboard. In this trick you have to dress up as the celebrity of your choice and practice their moves so that you have them down to pat. 

7. The Sitting Spin

Sit on your hoverboard in such a manner so that your bum rests on the foot sensor while your feet should rest on top of the wheel protection. You need to initiate the spin of the hoverboard by tilting sideways. While the hoverboard spins, use your hands to hld on to your knees. 

8. One Foot Circle

By now you must be sure of which side of the board you are at ease spinning. Start to spin and once balance is achieved, take one foot off the board while you maintain your balance with the preferred foot. 

9. Same Side Turn

To show people and friends what a cool rider you are, try performing a cool turn where you have both feet resting on the board. To achieve this you need the help of the momentum as well as the spinning action of the hoverboard as you shift your feet to one side and another. 

10. Hoverboard Handstand

If you are the athletic kind of person, and are a nimble and flexible person, you can try to perform a handstand on your beloved hoverboard. Needless to say, you will look extremely cool if you can pull of this stunt.

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