Safety Precautions When Riding A Hoverboard!

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Safety Precautions When Riding A Hoverboard!

There is no denial of the fact that hoverboarding have been a dream ride for many of us who were big fan of back to the future aired in 80’s. Hoverboard is a two wheeler without a handle or a steering. You need to ride it by balancing your weight over it. For turning right and left you need to shift your weight on right or left side respectively. It is a green mode of transportation suitable for people of all sex, age and size.

Seeing people riding Hoverboard effortlessly may make you feel that even you can ride and completely forget about the safety and precautions that needs to be observed. But that can be dangerous for you and the people around you. If you wish to enjoy safe and fun ride on a Hoverboard, it is important to follow following safety precautions.

Avoid over excitement

Riding a hoverboard will awaken the eleven years old in you and you will definitely feel excited to ride the board. But don’t let that eleven year old boy in you take over your wisdom, control and balance and you end up falling. You need to go slow. First master you basics. Once you have mastered your basics, comfortably move forward and backward and know how to stop it, you can speed up things. You also need to practice weight shifting postures and taking left and right turns. 

Avoid multiple bumps and clashes

Another important precaution to be taken while riding a hoverboard is avoiding multiple bumps and clashes. At beginner level you may be subjected to frequent bumping, but you will have to put effort for avoiding it. Too much bumping and clashing will lead to battery volatility and misalignment of hoverboard. 

Hovering of hoverboard

Entire concept of it is to travel short distance while being connected to the ground. But due to debris or speed breaker on the road your hoverboard may hover in the air and you will need to deal with that hovering. You will need to practice balancing a hovering hoverboard.

Hoverboard is not a skateboard

It is very important to remember that hoverboard is not a skate board. Both are two different devices, made differently and works differently. It is used to slide on smooth surfaces for short distance. Stunting like climbing down to stairs or spiral movement in air can prove to be fatal for both you and the hoverboard. 

Obey laws

Another very important precaution to be followed while riding a hoverboard is following laws pertaining to hoverboard in your city. It is only made for personal transport and you cannot ride it on a highway or on certain public roads. You can ride only on residential roads for travelling to short distances. With increasing popularity of Hoverboards, there is also a rapid increase in the laws pertaining to riding it. You need to know about these laws and follow them for safety and convenience of one and all.     

For these safety tips for a great hoverboarding experience!

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