Stunt scooters

Stunt Scooters

Are you looking for cheap stunt scooters? You’ve landed at the right place! Hoverboards Perth has an exclusive range of designer stunt scooters that are of surprisingly high quality. These stunt scooters have been tested by our internal quality control team and were released for sale only after a security clearance. Stunt scooters are most suited for use by children 8-16 years old.

Confused about what a stunt scooter is? Well, a stunt scooter is basically a stronger version of a kick scooter. Such scooters cannot be folded and are much sturdier when compared to their “kick” cousins. The best example to explain what a stunt scooter is, would be to compare a normal bicycle with a BMX. We’re hoping we’ve made that clear.

The handle of a stunt scooter is not height adjustable, and the body is usually made out of high-grade steel. The steel body supports ridiculous amounts of pressure applied to it, while causing minimal damage to the outer body of your stunt scooter. The wheels are usually small, implying that the stunt scooter was designed keeping short bursts of speed in mind.

Stunt scooters are meant exactly for that purpose – doing stunts. Performing stunts on a normal kick scooter can damage the scooter, and potentially injure your child. Stunts must be performed on dedicated stunt scooters, because they’ve been designed specifically for that purpose. has some epic-looking and epic-performing stunt scooters for sale. While you can also go into a store and get one off the shelf, you’d be compromising on quality. Our stunt scooters are safe, affordable and also come with a one year warranty. Don’t delay your purchase anymore – order a stunt scooter online today!

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