Mini Segways

Mini Segway

Mini segway hoverboards are functional, sturdy, and most importantly compact. Use them as you want – it’ll fit in a bag after you’re done. offers mini segway for sale for its customers. We’ve got the best quality mini segway scooters – such amazing quality you wouldn’t believe it.

While you’d expect mini segways to cost a bomb, at Perth Hoverboards they really don’t. If you’re looking for cheap mini segways, you’re at the right place. Not only are our mini segway hoverboards cheap and affordable, they are also built to last. The battery that you get with your mini segway is arguably the best kind of battery you can expect.

Our mini segway comes with a unique, patented knee support system, which ensures that you stay balanced on the segway till you want to. The knee support bar is detachable which makes the mini segway a very compact mode of transportation. In fact, the mini segway is so compact, it can actually fit in a backpack. It weighs a mere 12.5 kg (about 27.5 lbs), and has a top speed of 16 km/h. The battery pack, which houses a li-ion battery has a capacity of 25 km. However, that differs with terrain – what we’ve found is that the mini segway tends to perform better in terms of mileage when used on smooth surfaces.

Mini segway scooters are gaining popularity among school and college goers alike. Their biggest advantage is the size – they’re really compact. Don’t assume anything based on their size, though. Our mini segway hoverboards are quite powerful and can take on distances upto 18 km, based on how you operate the mini segway. What are you waiting for? Have a look at our collection of mini segways for sale – we promise you’ll be blown away.

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