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Top Ten Fun Hoverboard Scooter Tricks you can try

Now that you have bought your hoverboard, you must be eager to pick up some tricks. Here are 10 of the most exciting tricks that you can try on your self balancing scooter. Before you start emulating these tricks we advise you to always wear your helmet and arm/knee pads so that you don’t hurt yourself if you take a spill. 

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This happens to be one of the niftiest tricks in the hoverboard trick book. Use your agility to shift your weight instantaneously while you strive to maintain your balance on the hoverboard. The trick is to shift forward and backwards in the blink of an eye. Also keep your knees bent while you execute this trick. 

2. 180-degree turn

For you to master this trick, practice turning on your hoverboard starting from a standing position. Transfer your weight into one foot while you push forward with the same foot. During this trick the opposite foot will need to be shifted a little backwards. If you can do these things successfully, the hoverboard is going to turn a full 180 degree. 

3. 360 degree turn

This trick is an advancement of the 180 degree turn. The steps for doing the 360 degree turn are also the same. Here, in this trick, you will need to turn around for a full 360 degrees. You will start from and end the trick while facing the same direction. This turn involves a complete about face.

4. Lean Back Turn

Take your hoverboard and start a normal 360 degree turn. In addition to this, you need to bend the leg that is on the inner side of the turn and consequently press that leg towards the outer side. This will ensure that you are actually leaning into the spin, Voila, you have mastered the Lean Back Turn.

5. Hoverboard Swivel

You can do this trick while you are moving either backward or forwards. Imitate a figure 8 motion as you shift your weight from one side to the next. If you do this correctly, you will feel as if the board is turning, but it will depend on you shifting your weight before the turn. 

6. Celebrity Style

You must have seen celebrities showing their nifty moves on a hoverboard. In this trick you have to dress up as the celebrity of your choice and practice their moves so that you have them down to pat. 

7. The Sitting Spin

Sit on your hoverboard in such a manner so that your bum rests on the foot sensor while your feet should rest on top of the wheel protection. You need to initiate the spin of the hoverboard by tilting sideways. While the hoverboard spins, use your hands to hld on to your knees. 

8. One Foot Circle

By now you must be sure of which side of the board you are at ease spinning. Start to spin and once balance is achieved, take one foot off the board while you maintain your balance with the preferred foot. 

9. Same Side Turn

To show people and friends what a cool rider you are, try performing a cool turn where you have both feet resting on the board. To achieve this you need the help of the momentum as well as the spinning action of the hoverboard as you shift your feet to one side and another. 

10. Hoverboard Handstand

If you are the athletic kind of person, and are a nimble and flexible person, you can try to perform a handstand on your beloved hoverboard. Needless to say, you will look extremely cool if you can pull of this stunt.


Top 10 Reasons why Skateboarding is Fun and Worth It

Skateboarding as a sport has attracted the minds and imagination of a large section of the population in Australia as well as other countries. Lots of people join the skateboarding community each passing year and a huge bulk of them are teenagers and youngsters. However, people of all age groups also happen to join skateboarding communities. What is the allure of skateboarding, electric skateboard or longboard?

skate board cheapHere are 10 reasons why skateboarding I fun and worth it. 

1. Fitness and health

Skateboarding is gaining traction across the world as it promotes fitness and health. One needs only a skateboard to play and the activities on the skateboard work on the legs as well as the upper body parts. Instead of going to the gym, you could just skateboard!

2. Burn calories

At a time when people are getting conscious about health, skateboarding is a wonderful way to burn off those calories while at the same time having fun. Skateboarding is the most fun and easiest way to keep in shape. 


3. Fashionable and chic

Many celebrities across the globe skateboard and the sport has become fashionable and chic. A lot of media attention is focused on skateboarding celebrities, which is drawing in the crowds who want to emulate their heroes and heroines. 

4. Community Sport 

A lot of people think that skateboarding is a personal thing. But that is not the case because as soon as you take to a skateboard, you become part of the large skateboarding community which connects all the skateboarders together. 

5. Superlative Outdoor Activity

With the rise in virtual life, a whole lot of people are glued to their phones and computers at all times. Skateboarding offers an enjoyable and active life for outdoors. You can hook up with the ever-present skateboarding community and spend some quality time in parks and on the streets. 

6. Open to all age groups

While it is popular with teenagers and young adults, skateboarding has its fans in the older age groups too. The simplicity of operating the skateboard has made it a rage with people from all age groups

22 inch CL printing sky7. Helps children with special needs

When a person is skateboarding, the brain functions in close association with the rest of the body. A person requires good eye-body coordination to be able to skate successfully. Hence the children who have special needs can find skateboarding to be a sport where their brains and bodies function simultaneously. It can be just like a therapy for these kids. 

8. Builds and tones muscles

Skateboarding is a fun and intense way in which a person can burn fat and tone his/her muscles while having an exhilarating time. 

9. Great activity for the kids

Children have as much fun as adults when they are on a skateboard. Skateboarding is seeing children from young ages who are taking to skateboarding. It keeps them active and involved in a productive activity. 


10. Beat the Blues

With skateboard being an outdoor sport, those who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress find in it a welcome relief. Skateboarding relaxes the mind and body and is a proven way to beat the blues.

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How To Solve – Vibrating Hoverboard & Spinning In Circles

Is your hoverboard not responding correctly to your movements? Is it spinning and vibrating? If the answer is a Yes, we’ll help you understand why this is happening and how you can fix it yourself. 

The most common reason for vibrating hoverboard and spinning in circles is that you have not applied enough weight on the hoverboard footboard. You must firmly place both your feet so that your weight is equally distributed on both the platforms. If you put just 1 leg on the platform, then your hoverboard will start moving in circular motion. We’ve mentioned that the minimum weight limit is 20 kgs. This is to help in effective self balancing of the hoverboard. 

So place your hoverboard on a flat surface and try standing firmly on the platform putting equal weight on both the platforms and your issue of hoverboard spinning in circles will be resolved.

6.5" Black hoverboard 4You may already know that the hoverboard has sensors below the footpad. These sensors detect your foot movements and accordingly move the wheels. This system provides the instructions to your hoverboard about speed, direction, forward, and reverse movement.  There are two sensors – one for each foot. If your hoverboard has suddenly started vibrating or spinning, in all probability, those sensors have gone out of sync. 

When incorrect information is fed to the controller, these unexpected movements happen.

How to fix the hoverboard? 


You need to calibrate your board again. Calibration resets all previously stored data. When this data is gone, you can reinitialize the hoverboard.


  1. Turn off your hoverboard
  2. Place it on a flat surface (this is crucial, or you may face issues again)
  3. Start the hoverboard in calibration mode (this is usually done by keeping the power button pressed for some seconds until you see the LED flashing)
  4. Turn off the hoverboard after a few seconds.

Now it is time for a test. Use the board like you usually do. If you faced problems moving on grass, do try it out on the grass. If this works, you’re good to go.

If, after calibration, the hoverboard still doesn’t function properly, wait for few minutes and recalibrate the board using the above steps again. Sometimes you may need to recalibrate a few times before your device starts responding correctly.

Master Reset

If you have tried calibrating your gadget multiple times with no success, the next step to try is to do a master reset.

For Segway, the master reset requires you to place it on a flat surface and press the power-button for about 10 seconds until a red light appears. After that, you should power on the device. 

Refer to the user guide and follow the steps to master reset the device.

Hopefully, this should solve your problem

Remote Controlled Hoverboards

Users of remote-controlled hoverboards can follow the same instructions, but calibration and master reset are generally harder using a remote. Refer to the user’s manual to try those two techniques.

Still Reading?

If you’re still reading, you’ve probably tried these techniques already. If all these ways have failed, then you’re probably looking at a technical problem inside the device. A gyroscope is a sensor that helps provide input to the controller and regulates the direction and movement of the device. Maybe the gyroscope has gone faulty.

While there are many YouTube videos and DIY guides to diagnose the problem but opening the hoverboard, we recommend that you take it to a repair person and get it done professionally.