Carbon Fibre Electric Scooter Review

Carbon Fibre Electric Scooter Review

If you often get stressed due to heavy traffic while commuting from your home to work or walk to the nearest subway station or bus stop seems to be a tiring affair then electric scooter T1 carbon fibre will definitely be your saviour without the cape. It is a clean and green way of commuting which not only saves the environment but will also save you from stressful and tiring city traffic. It is an eco-friendly and economic mode of transportation ideal for small distances.

Hoverboard scooter Carbon Fiber

Special features

This e-scooter is loaded with some amazing features which will give you full worth of money spent over it.

Hoverboard Suspension
  • Lightweight and portable

    The first and foremost feature which makes this electric scooter an ideal choice for urban population is that it is portable and lightweight. The scooter is made using carbon fibre which makes it quite lightweight. It weighs around 6.6 kg and you can easily carry it down the stairs or in bus or subway. One step fold function makes it easy to fold and release as per need. 

  • Sturdy and durable

     Though it is quite light in weight but no compromise has been done on the sturdiness and durability of the scooter. Carbon fibre used in making the scooter makes it quite sturdy and durable. It can carry weight as high as 125 kg over it.

  • Battery life

    8.8AH and 10.4 AH lithium ion batteries have been used in two different versions of the carbon fibre electric scooter. It will be interesting to note that when fully charged, this e-scooter can run for as long as 20 km. Hi capacity lithium ion battery has lifespan of over 500 cycles. It has an amazing smart battery management system because of which you will not need to worry about things like battery malfunction and over charging. 

  • Stylish look

    This electric scooter for adults is not only good to use but it is also good to see. It has a stylish design which will definitely turn the heads as you pass by. Small and sleek LCD display in the front adds to the elegance of the scooter. LCD screen displays all the vital information such as distance travelled, speed, time, and battery status and battery life.

  • Speed

    Depending on the traffic and terrain, you can customise the speed of the scooter on 10km/hr, 18km/hr and 25km/hr. 25 km/hr is the maximum speed that you can achieve. The electric scooter can also climb up on an incline surface at maximum angle of 15 degrees. 

  • Real suspension

    You will not need to worry about riding the carbon fibre electric scooter on a rough terrain. Real suspension present in front wheel of the scooter absorbs the shocks of ride on a rough terrain. It makes sure you have a smooth ride every time and on every terrain. Field oriented control technology used in the scooter promotes silent acceleration and movement for smoother riding experience on the scooter. 

  • Free accessories

    You also get a Bluetooth and carry bag along with this carbon fibre electric scooter. 

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